LIVE 360° & VR experiences
since 2008
With offices in London, Athens and New York, Mativision provides truly immersive experiences for brands and businesses by giving them the ability to film and broadcast in full 360˚ vision and Virtual Reality (VR). We have spent more than 10 years developing the world’s only end-to-end technology that can stream live directly to VR from multiple sychronised 360-degree cameras, a technology that places us in the forefront of the VR revolution.

Virtual Reality in the Operating Room

A global platform that uses Mativision’s proprietary VR technology for good, helping people around the world gain easier and immersive access to medical training.

Imagine 10 years ago trying to envision the way we use smartphones today. It’s impossible.
That’s the promise of VR today. VR at its best shouldn’t replace real life, just modify it, giving us access to so much more that is just out of reach physically and economically.

If you can dream it, VR can make it and Mativision has been producing successfully VR experiences for more than 8 years placing our technology at the forefront of the VR industry and enabling us to deliver a global medical training platform.

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The best and only way to experience VR is through a mobile app.
We have been developing branded apps for our clients for more than 8 years, covering a wide spectrum of verticals.
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